Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Does The World Need Me and You (or You and I) ?

I wrote to a friend (she expressed feelings of depression) on Facebook the following: The world needs you, please don't ever give up.

She replied: How does it need me

I responded with this, that just came to me:

I guess it don't. Is that the answer? I don't know. It doesn't need me either, I suppose. Does it need anyone at all? Did it need Einstein, or Shakespeare, or Mozart? Does it need kindness instead of cruelty, creativity instead of destruction, good instead of evil?

You can keep adding to it. Love instead of hate, mercy instead of hardness, and on and on. You don't have to be Mozart or anyone or anything "great", however greatness is defined. The little things are sometimes the most important, and we all can do those little things. You are not unimportant and the world does need you, as it needs anyone who cares (or even someone who thinks they don't but has within them the potential to see that they really do).


  1. "Does The World Need Me and You (or You and I) ?"

    It's "you and me". Look at it this way, you'd never say, "Does the world need I", because you automatically knos that "me" is correct in that part-of-speech. Similarly, changing the object from singular ("me") to plural ("us") doesn't change the part-of-speech. So, you you split the object ("us") into its individual components, it becomes "you and me", not "you and I"

    1. Thanks Ilion. I'd change the title to correct, but then people would quite get your cpmment, so I'll leave as is and suffer the exposure of my ignorance. I should have gone with that song in my head "You and me against the world". Or I could claim I did it on purpose to make some point, but Im no longer a lying atheist.

  2. Heh, it's easy to misapply the "you and I" rule, since it was so dunned into us ... but frequently the rationale for it was not.


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