Friday, May 1, 2015

Britney Spears Fall

I like Britney Spears. I remember her from her very early years as a singer and public figure. I admire her for her amazing comeback and success. She is one performer whom I'd really like to see in concert (though I feel that she, like Beyonce, is way too sexual in performance and videos; not that I'm not turned on by that, but my personal weakness doesn't make it right). Anyway, she fell on stage and hurt her ankle...

She is currently in Las Vegas at least until the end of this year (2015). I want to go to Vegas again (lived there for 2 years) and see some shows, which I never really did before. Now that I know Britney is there, I may get tickets for a future show and take my girlfriend (if she agrees). I'd like to see those sharks and a magic act as well.

I can understand why Britney went to Vegas. No traveling, and a big payday:

Britney is a resident at Planet Hollywood with her Piece of Me show. She earns $15 million per year (an average of $310,000 per show) as part of the initial two-year deal...-Watch Britney Spears Fall During Las Vegas Show

Best wishes on a quick recovery, MS. Spears. By the way, just one payday of $310,000 would suit me fine. I'd feel set for life.

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