Friday, April 20, 2012

Walking on Pins and Needles

Author’s Note: this post was inspired by Doug Casey’s article on how Sociopaths are running the United States.  I encourage you to go and read it as it is probably one the best things I’ve read in the past few months, including books.

Everyday I wake up and feel like our country is walking on pins and needles, placed there by your friendly bureaucrat (I say friendly in the sense that they are like the Public Relations folks who lie with a smile on their faces and a troll with a hand up their ass controlling their very words).  I go to the Internet and read about countless infractions on liberty, freedom, and downright decency perpetrated all in the name of safety, security, and, in rare instances, morality.  Most of the time, the rubes who live around me, who tend to out-vote and thus nullify my voice in these matters, will justify the needles and pins and tell me that everything is all right or that this is all for our own good.

Meanwhile, our country’s governments, at most levels, are being run by sociopaths.  Sure, not all the politicians who get voted in are sociopaths.  But the ones who control most of the policies and procedures that implement the ridiculous laws passed are.  Let’s first look at the people, though, who pass the laws in the first place.

First of all, why do have a permanent group of individuals, at all levels of government, passing new laws?  Even God when He passed on the 613 laws to the Israelites through Moses didn’t come back the following year and add 613 more.  He simply gave them the laws they were to follow, along with the punishments to be doled out in the event of breaches of said laws, and left the people to follow them.  Hell, none of the prophets of the nation of Israel ever added new things to them.  They simply demanded that the people return to the laws of their nation’s founding, much like the modern liberty movement has been pushing for (think the kind of person who supports idea of Ron Paul for President and not the man himself).  The point of this is that we simply do not need new laws, we just need a select few laws with a small budget for enforcing them.

I could probably count on my two hands (no, not the Ten Commandments) the number of laws we really need and the punishments that should be doled out for violating them.  Yet there are over 10,000 Federal laws (I heard that 40,000 bills were passed so far this year alone in Congress) on the books and probably more in each state you live in as they deal with most of the crime that takes place in the country.  To top that off, you have local ordinances and homeowner’s association policies that most people have to deal with, usually enforced by bored people who get their rocks off by intimidating and harassing others.  Fortunately for us, those kind of people do not have the intelligence, charisma, or appearance to reach the upper echelons of power.

Secondly, the people who write the laws are either failures at life, as they are mostly likely lawyers by profession but too incompetent to go into private practice, or businessmen whose business ventures tanked and they lacked the imagination or drive to try again.  What this means is that you have bunch of people with a collective inferiority complex getting together in order to gain power, or what they consider to be power.  It is not hard to see why it is so easy to pay them off.  All you have to do is stroke their egos, appeal to their pride, and they will bend over to receive the gifts from the devils.  But sooner or later, the devils come back with their due.  Usually in the form of new laws that have thousands of pages with millions of words that effectively amount to legal vomit.  They then eagerly pass said laws without reading them or even bothering to really question their conscious on these matters.  They react with malice when the people call them on it because they are too afraid to confront their own moral decay and spiritual ugliness.

There are exceptions to these kind of people, of course, but they are rare.  Ron Paul, as a popular example, was a successful doctor.  He could have made millions delivering babies and probably would have better served society in that capacity as a whole.  But when Nixon, a clear sociopath, “temporarily” took us off what was left of the gold standard, he was one of the few people to see the serious and dire consequences that would result from this action and thus became a member of Congress.  Meanwhile, Congress by and large has rejected him consistently for decades.  Now, I’m not saying Ron Paul is perfect.  I have my disagreements with him (mainly in the area of his justifications for pork-barrel spending), but compared to the vast majority of others who have held office or are in office right now, he may as well be the Second Coming (he is not of course).

While we have sociopaths who effectively write our laws and pretend to be smarter than the average bear, we have an instituted group of psychopaths who are hired, permanently of course, to enforce said laws as they see fit.  Usually when a law is passed, it requires some form of enforcement.  That is basic political science.  The whole reason for a law is usually to change the actions and behaviors of society as a whole.  Doing so requires some form of coercive force, otherwise, the laws passed are nothing more than a wasted piece of paper.  Now I have to ask: what kind of people would want to exert force on other people?

It’s a relevant question when it comes to government.  For example, where did all these TSA workers come from?  My guess is that they were welfare cases but then found a job where they could get back at the white man for all the perceived injustices perpetrated against them (Note to moochers: you suck and it’s your fault you suck and no one else’s).  Of course, this may be an exception, but honestly, what kind of person would willingly grope a small child, an elderly woman, make someone take off their adult diaper, make a woman drink her own breast milk, detain a Senator for several hours (which is unconstitutional, by the way), and so many other egregious things?  Not someone you would want to give the time of day.  Or much else for that matter.

Now, some of these people, especially those at the lower levels, may just be a little on the below average side of things, to put it politely.  They may not have the capacity to truly think for themselves and thus are unable to properly question authority figures on the moral nature of what they are doing.  This is why humanity as a whole has always called for leaders rather than manage their own lives.  Milgram’s obedience experiment also proved that most people look to others for moral guidance rather than question the nature of the authority figures.  Such loyalty only serves to stroke the ego of the authorities and increase their pride, thus they begin to think of themselves as gods rather than men.  After all, gods need not be bound to the conventional definitions of right and wrong, right?

Perhaps I have such people all wrong, in that the underlings may not be sociopaths per se, but merely damaged individuals looking for meaning in life in some form or another.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of sociopaths out there who have no other desire than to use other people for their own gain and they are all too willing to make the damaged into their minions.  However, in the upper echelons of government power, we see people who are downright insane creating and pushing policies and procedure that are designed to enforce the laws that were passed by their fellow sociopaths in the legislative branch.  Most of the time, the problem is not the laws itself, but the implementation of said laws.  For example, most people seem to continue to think that certain substances should be illegal, like marijuana.  However, when the law was first passed to ban it, do you think the legislators or the people who supported ever thought that the police should be allowed to do no-knock SWAT raids, execute search warrants based on anonymous tips, and be allowed to harass citizens in the manner that they do today?  The fact that Indiana had to pass a law to affirm a citizen’s right to fight back against a police officer who is perpetrating a crime against said citizen is quite a testament of how bad things really are when it comes to law enforcement officers.

Of course, nothing got like this overnight.  Those pins and needles I wrote about earlier are really just annoyances on their own after all.  If there were one or two lying around, we could easily spot them, step over them, and ignore them.  But now there are so many that it is hard to keep track.  Because of government, the individual is a person who is walking on pins and needles hoping not to get stuck by some law, regulation, policy, or procedure that the sociopaths have imposed on us.  And now, more and more people are realizing that there is no point to any of these needles anymore and the sociopaths and psychopaths who placed them there are getting more and more desperate.  Their reign is coming to an end soon and they know it.  I wish I could say that things will get better when they are gone, but they won’t.  Our society so spiritually broken and disjointed now because of decades of utopianism and the abandonment of true values which has been foisted upon us in order to control us, I doubt we will see a better person take over and fix things.  More than likely, it will simply be another sociopath who has a new set of pin and needles to lay out before us.

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