Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Obamacare Will Not Be Overturned

I have heard that from many courtroom observers that the Supreme Court will overturn Obamacare, given the rhetoric and questioning that they gave the government’s lawyers sent there to defend that monstrous bill.  I have my doubts though and this is largely due to the inherent nature of the Supreme Court as a whole and its tendency to uphold or increase government power grabs such those.

First of all, have you ever heard of a significant bill that was ever overturned by the Supreme Court, even when it was blatantly unconstitutional?  I have heard mutterings of some bills here or there, but nothing significant like Obamacare.  In most cases, the Supreme Court upholds the Federal government’s power grabs and writes their own wordy, sophomoric justifications for their decisions.  Most of the time, these justifications are written in legalese which only a few law professors can understand.  That in and of itself is a problem as the Constitution is a very simple, easy to understand document.  There is no complexity about it and the words used more or less have the same meaning that they do today.  So why do they dig into it and assume there is some hidden meaning?

It happens all the time regardless of whether there is a “conservative” justice or a “liberal” one.  Usually, there is some justification for land grabs, torture, search and seizure without a warrant, Federal anti-drug laws, and various other injustices.  I think the worst decision ever handed down was the Wickard v. Filborn in which they all decided that the Federal government has the right to regulate all economic activity, essentially rubber stamping Socialist legislation.

But then we hear about all the good cases that the court has decided on.  The most prominent being Brown v. Board of Education.  This case, however, never would have happened had it not been for the decision made in Plessy v. Ferguson, which was a decision handed down by a previous court.  And few know that following the Brown decision, the Warren court imposed integration on various school districts which ran counter to what was previously decided upon with Brown.

Another argument might be that there are conservatives in the court would overturn the bad law.  Unfortunately, this did not happen with the McCain-Feingold bill, where Congress essentially ensured that incumbents would have an even greater chance of getting re-elected by limiting the finances of their opponents and limiting the speech of private organizations who might oppose them.  I kept hearing from many conservatives about how it would be overturned in the Supreme Court and when the decision was handed down, no one said a word.  On a side note, these are the same jokers who keep telling me that Romney will be different than Obama, but was Obama really that different from Bush?

The reason that the Supreme Court will not overturn this bad law is because the Supreme Court is full of sociopathic morons who display a hubris that makes Congress and Bilderberg insiders blush.  They presume to know everything about everything and operate like gods within their temple (seriously their courthouse resembles a modern day Greek temple).  Meanwhile, they do not realize how foolish they really are.  For example, former Justice Thurgood Marshall spent much of his time watching soap operas and said that you can learn a lot about human nature from them.  He also soiled himself while giving his farewell speech when he finally resigned as a Justice.

Not pick on Justice Marshall, as there are many others who were probably stuck with severe mental handicaps brought on by old age as well, but still managed to function in a manner that resembled coherence.  Former Chief Justice Rehnquist, for example, was probably crapping himself on a regular basis as he died of old age while still serving on the court.  I question his mental capacity as well.

No, I do not put my trust in the court system of the United States to do what is right because they are, by and large, Statists who believe in their moral superiority whole-heartedly.  They think themselves to be gods among men and they are dangerous individuals to boot.  They hold fast to their traditions and precedents like they are golden laws handed down by their immortal ancestors.

On the bright side, I believe that regardless what the court says, the states still have the right to nullify Obamacare.  If President Obama himself can ignore Congress and the court system, then why can’t the states as well?


  1. "First of all, have you ever heard of a significant bill that was ever overturned by the Supreme Court"

    Yes. Title I of the National Recovery Act, overturned in 1935 by Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States, 295 U.S. 495.

  2. The increasing lawlessness of this administration is disturbing. From ignoring bankruptcy law to put Chrysler Union pensions above secured creditors, and to ignore the court order to stop the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico... We better vote Obama out of office and abolish Obamacare, or they will use that law to control every aspect of our lives. All actions of individuals could be tied to helping or hurting their health, which would in turn influence the cost. Therefore, politicians will find excuses to regulate any and all behaviors manipulating people for their political ends.


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