Friday, April 6, 2012

500,000 Miles?

Wow! I've heard of cars going to that mileage, but not usually without a major overhaul of the engine or a new engine. The video doesn't indicate anything like that. I have met a lot of Honda and Toyota owners with cars over 300,000 miles (which I'm hoping to get on my 1999 Corolla, I'm at over 210,000 now) and which is one reason I'm considering a Honda or Toyota for my next vehicle. I'm focusing on the Honda Fit as a possibility, which I would most likely buy brand new. I would consider an American make if I thought those vehicles had a prayer of lasting as long.

One lesson from this video: don't waste your precious money! As the lady says, she hasn't had a car payment in 16 years. I haven't had one in 8 years since I paid off my current Toyota. I don't understand people who trade-in perfectly good cars for brand new ones. I hear it all the time; "Well, we have a 2004 Camry, it runs great, has 80,000 miles on it, but it's time to get a new one". WTF? Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, idiots! It's not worth it, and you may think we're now in an economic recovery based on Obama's lies, but don't you believe it. This economy is going to crash, and you can't afford to be in massive debt, or throw your increasingly devalued dollars around so carelessly.


  1. 330K on a 08 focus, no work needed as of yet.

  2. 330K on a 08 focus, no work needed as of yet.


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