Monday, March 12, 2012

Republicans Pathologically Incapable of Acknowledging the Truth

Data from Public Policy Polling (PPP) taken in the upcoming primary states of Alabama and Mississippi reveal that Republican voters in that state have no clue what they’re talking about.

When Alabamans planning to vote in the upcoming Republican primaries were asked if Obama is a Christian, Muslim or if unsure, 14% polled said Christian (the correct answer… for anyone reading this who might be from Alabama or Mississippi), 45% answered Muslim, and 41% answered that they were not sure. The numbers become even more hilarious when you shift over to Mississippi, the poorest, most conservative, least educated state in the country. There, 12% answered Christian, 52% Muslim, 36% unsure.

So basically… we’re dealing with folks down there who don’t even know a basic, common knowledge piece of information about a man they supposedly hate, which leads me to believe… do they hate Obama, or the conservative simulacrum of Obama? Does it even matter if they hate the man or the false image of him?

But wait, there’s more…

In Alabama, 3% of those polled described themselves as “very liberal,” 3% as “somewhat liberal,” and 13% as “moderate.” What do you want to bet that basically accounts for all of the “Christian” responses? The picture looks similar among those polled in Mississippi: 3% “very liberal,” 5% “somewhat liberal,” and 14% “moderate.” Note: these are numbers based on those polled who plan to vote in the Republican primary on Tuesday, so this is not representative of the state’s population as a whole.

In Alabama, 26% of those polled acknowledge evolution, 60% deny it, and 13% are unsure. In Mississippi, again, it’s slightly more grim, with 22% acknowledging evolution, 66% denying it, and 11% not sure.

But my favorite question came last. Today, in 2012, when asked if interracial marriage should be legal or illegal, 67% of Alabamans said legal, 21% said illegal, and 12% were not sure, while in Mississippi it was 54% legal, 29% illegal, and 17% unsure.

Republicans aren’t just wrong, they’re wrong in eras we’ve all moved past long ago. They’re several decades behind, even in how ignorant they are.


  1. Hey Brett,
    Although I get how dumb southerners can really be, lets attribute it to the lack of education. That is so sad in this country that we still have a dysfunctional education system.

  2. I've lived in the north and the south, and trust me... it's Republicans that are the problem, not southerners. You may get a different flavor of stupid up north, but they're just as stupid.

    1. [You might notice I didn't actually even use the term "south" or "southerner" in my post... but I see how it could be implied.]


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