Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Mom Reviews Ron Paul's Book "End The Fed"

So, I had the slight chore of taking my mom to the bank today. She still can't drive following both a horrible accident that nearly left her a temporary cripple, and a failure to pass the DMV eye test for a phony government-issued driver "license". Hey, she's got cataracts, okay, what's the big deal? She's memorized all the routes she needs to get around town, and she can still tell if a traffic light is red or green. What more do those asswipes want from a poor old lady?

Anyway, after the bank, where, unlike a normal person, it takes her about an hour to make a deposit of $20 to her checking account, and is the reason why I took along a couple of books to read, a western novel (cowboy, am I into westerns again!) and Ron Paul's End the Fed, as I knew I'd be waiting a while.

Well, the next stop was the store (the store, lower case, is a crazy chain out of South Korea, I think, that competes with Walmart) but Mom was too tired to go in, preferring to stay in the car while I shopped. So, I left her but told her to feel free to pass the time by checking out my books. Now, you should know that Mom is not a book reader, and in all my years I only saw her reading a book once, and it was such an extraordinary event that I had to snap a photo of it (that photo has since mysteriously gone missing - maybe I need Alex Jones to look into it).

I was in the store for maybe 30-40 minutes, and when I came out, to my shock, Mom was reading Ron Paul's book! After I put the groceries away in the trunk and got back in the car, Mom started thumbing through book and saying "Why doesn't he talk about how the rich aren't paying enough taxes and how they can buy homes worth millions and jewelry that costs hundreds of thousands? If the rich paid more, all our problems would be solved."

I wasn't about to try and explain that the book is about a more fundamental issue than tax rates (though Ron Paul does want to abolish income taxes and the IRS, God bless him). No, I let it go, as I always do when Mom starts sounding like Bret Alan.

When we were almost back to drop her off at her house, she picked up the book again and said "I speed read it and I don't understand why the Republicans don't want him. Should he be the one, I mean, the others look stupid to me and they sure couldn't write a book like this." She went on to praise Ron Paul for wanting to end the wars and bring the troops home, even saying he should be Secretary of Defense in a Romney Administration (though Mom still thinks -again, like Bret Alan- that Obama is a shoo-in this November). She believes this so strongly that she is actually puzzled (I'm not kidding) as to why the Republicans are even holding primary elections this year. "What's the matter with them, don't they know Obama is going to win?"

I took my copy of End The Fed and on my way out told Mom to please lay off the Bret Alan posts for a while, because now she was just starting to sound stupid.

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