Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's time for me to tell the truth

I have not blogged much in recent months. There is a reason -transition time in a word- a new direction. Now I must go forth and proclaim HIS truth. No more mockery! There is truth only in our creator! Denial does no good. I know as I ran for years.

Can you smell the roses and deny that your olfactory member was designed? Does it matter that you are possibly an offence to God? You so called liberal and leftists have made the state your new god. You are sick sick people. You need help. Cry out to Your God! Ask for a change of heart. it is his will. No free will you say? YOU'RE RIGHT! True understanding among theists have always acknowledged God's sovereignty and control. face facts and get with it before you spiral down into the abyss of hate where you are headed!

More truth coming!


  1. Radio, have you lost your mind? What "God" exactly do you believe in? Are you a Christian now? Inquiring Skeptical Eye minds want to know!

  2. Nikk I have not lost anything but only gained! Gain the world lose your soul, remember? I know you know the bible. Truth can come in many forms, so I have no way limited myself to one religion.

  3. Don't you see? He worships mankind now.


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