Saturday, July 9, 2011

Post of the Moment: Why Most Political Bloggers Are Men

By AdamS

The reason why most political bloggers, indeed most politicians, and most soldiers, are men is the same really. That gender roles are biological and women are not naturally suited to doing these tasks. Imagine complaining that most cross stitchers are women, or most floralists. I mention cross stitch because I just remembered that we (ie boys and girls) were taught cross stitch in school. Unsurprisingly the girls were the best at such tasks and enjoyed them the most. We were also taught woodwork and metalwork, in mixed classes. Guess which gender tended to prefer that.


My point is that gender differences are not due to ‘sexism’...Sometimes gender differences, ‘just are’, and trying to change them is futile, no matter how many foundations and educational curriculums and lawyer mafias are dedicated to the task.

Non Chosen News: The Real Reason Why Most Political Bloggers Are Men

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