Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why the Right Started Pretending to Care About Budgets

I don’t have a long exposition on this, because it’s really not a complex equation. After eight years of running this country into the ground, spending us into seemingly infinite debt, and basically being anything but “fiscal conservatives,” Republicans are pretending they’re tough on spending.

Where were calls for debate over spending when Bush raised the debt ceiling 7 times and got us mired in trillion dollar wild goose chases?

It’s all theater, and it’s all meant to distract from the real track record of the right. And ultimately, it is costing us the benefits we paid for with our taxes. Republicans lined the pockets of the industries that get them elected using the money that was supposed to go towards a functioning government and social safety net.


  1. It’s all theater, and it’s all meant to distract from the real track record of....


    irrelevant whether "right" or "left" - true either way

  2. Don't give me that false equivalency bullshit. We should have been so lucky if Democrats had been grand-standing under Bush.

  3. wha...huh...oh. ok.

  4. You can talk gibberish, or you could try to explain to me how the Democrats have anything to do with Republican grand-standing in this case.

    Or you could just admit what is happening in this case has nothing to do with Democrats.

  5. don't let me stop you, Donkeyboy!

  6. You can choose to ignore the fact that I'm not a Democrat, but that doesn't support your argument to just label me as something and then write me off. I don't call you a bitchboy and ignore you, I point out your flaws and await a response, and I can't make you act like a grownup. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him think.

    Again, I ask: how is what is happening with the debt ceiling anything but grandstanding solely on the part of Republicans who want to be drama queens about everything?

  7. you think you're talking to me, huh?


  8. Well, we're definitely not communicating.


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