Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear Mr./Ms. Nikk

Dear Nikk Dude (you are a dude, aren't you?) Anyway, I was wondering why you have so many videos on your blog? What gives? Your blog could use some original stuff, like hows about a few posts about a guy who lives in Indiana and left to go down south and got into a fight with the local Dudes of the Confederacy, which fight started when he accused them of being supporters of slavery and a bunch of racists morons who had losers for ancestors cause they got their asses kick but good by the Yanks in blue! How about telling that story? I could write it all up and send it to you and then you'd have a better blog, especially when I tell my other stories, like the time I wound up at a KKK meeting which I thought was gonna be a beer party with lots of chicks, and I got drunk anyway, and thought I was making out with a hot chick in a white robe, which turned out to be a dude with a hood on!

What do you say? I can make this blog great!


Down South Larry (from the Midwest and parts East and North -oh, i miss the North, but I get great stories down South!)


This blog is written by a Southerner and a transplanted Southerner. I will admit my Southernness is adopted to some degree. I was raised out West, but the family roots are deep in Alabama. We also have many such tales to tell, except ours are real. I know I've been slacking when it comes to posting recently, but I've discovered I enjoy not blogging almost as much as I used to enjoy blogging. So, at this time, your services are not needed.

Thank you,

Nikki (yeah, I'll come clean right here and now; I'm really a woman!)

Dear Mrs Nikki

Are you carzy?


Not Carzy!

Dear Stupid,

I am still carzy after all these years! I love cars! True, I drive a beat up old Toyota with over 200,000 miles on it, but what the hell, I still dream of Maseratis and Ferraris.

Dear Nikk,

When are you going to bring back Bret "Ginx" Alan as a contributor? Oh, I'm on to your little game of creating a fake blogger profile and then using Bret's name to post unoriginal trash amd copy and paste bullshit and vidoes. That's not Bret! He wrote all-original materiel! I'd know a Bret Alan post a mile away! Gibe up the farce already and bring back Bret!

Bring Back Bret! Bring Back Bret! Bring Back Bret!


Bring Back Bret!

Dear Bret,

What can I say? You caught me! This whole blog is one big lie! First my femaleness has been exposed, and now you discover we have no Bret actually posting here anymore! So okay, I'll gibe it up, for good!

Gibe it up! Gibe it up! Gibe it up!

However, the questions are, does Bret want to come back? And where can I get a cheap sex change operation?


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