Monday, July 25, 2011

My Response to the Norway Bombing and Massacre

I’ve tried to avoid reading the opinions of others regarding the attacks in Norway, mostly because the few I have read disgust me.

I have seen people associated with this site engage in perpetuating childish denial by crying “false flag” while the bodies were still warm. I also read a contributor’s post on their site where they claim we shouldn’t have multicultural societies, because this sort of violence is just what happens when different people live near each other.

Basically, the response from Americans regarding this incident sickens me.

Without suggesting a false equivalency, because the two sides are not treating this equally the same, both the left and the right are jumping all over this. The left tend to point to quote fragments from the killer and then extrapolate from it what most of us knew before this happened, which is that most people on the right are intolerant assholes.

The thing is, well before this all happened, I didn’t like people who oppose racial equality and cultural inclusion, or are generally intolerant of anyone but white Christians. Not everyone on the right is like that, and certainly not everyone who is like that is a violent threat (just a threat of being a real douche bag).

None of this is surprising to me, and I can’t be alone on feeling that. This may not be very common in Europe, but this has become a common motif surrounding domestic terrorist acts in the US. While Islam gets the reputation for being the main source of terrorism, racist right-wingers who loudly demonize minorities while trying to instigate race wars seem to account for plenty of attacks.

Strange… it usually seems to be gun nuts who claim we live in a dangerous world full of people who want to attack us that end up causing so much of the trouble.

Ultimately, I have a question for all the cultural warriors out there who want to defend their nation from the damned, dirty outsiders: who will protect your nation from you?

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