Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heavy Rains

Overnight rains dumped nearly 7 inches of rain on Chicago early Saturday, breaking a record for the city, canceling flights, and causing parts of highways and train lines to shut down.-Heavy rains soak Chicago as east coast steams

The Heavy Rains was the name of my band. We first called ourselves The Vacuum Cleaners, then Lemon King, before we realized we'd never be big (well, except for Torrance, who weighed almost 400 pounds), and so decided to play a final concert in the rain, hoping it wouldn't really be our final concert after all the publicity we'd get, thus spending our last funds recreating all our promotional items with the new name. We were The Heavy Rains, goddammit! And by golly we we're gonna play our hearts out soaking wet!

We decided then and there to record our new album live. But it ended up sounding like one of the those rain recordings; you couldn't even hear the music. Torrance, you idiot!

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