Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today's Question: Would You Give Up The Internet For 1 Million Dollars?

The number of Internet users worldwide has now surpassed two billion and so many of us have integrated the web into our lives so much that it's hard to quantify how much it's worth to us. But why not give it a shot? Think about it.

How much would someone have to pay you to give up the Internet for the rest of your life?

Would a million dollars be enough? Twenty million? How about a billion dollars?

Okay, so I have essentially brought back to life the old SE feature "Question of the Day", which I said was over due to lack of answers. Hey, questions equal answers, don't they? I was tired of asking questions no one cared to comment on, so I gave it up, except I can never stop asking questions, as I now realize! So, I will carry on with this new series, Today's Question.

And on that subject, would any price be enough for you to give up the Internet, for life? But, isn't the Internet life itself? Think of all the things the Internet has replaced or will replace, from television to newspapers, encyclopedias, retail locations, maybe even (actually, it's happening rapidly right now) brick and mortar colleges.

And how much are all those things and more worth, over a lifetime? You would be cutting yourself off forever from the major source of information and global interaction. Not to mention how much you could potentially earn from the Internet, and I don't mean from some scheme you saw on a late night infomercial, either. No, there may be unending sources of income possible from the Internet for ordinary people, whether that's getting an education to earn more, or being in business for yourself, or promoting yourself for an existing or future venture.

One million dollars would never be enough to replace that loss. Maybe no amount would. Even aside from the money, how about your quality of life? In the modern world, that means using and taking advantage of technology. It would be like asking someone 100 years ago if they would take $100,000 (accounting for Federal Reserve inflation, which has destroyed 90% of the dollar's value these last 100 years)) to give up electricity or the automobile for the rest of their life.

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