Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today's Question: Are Human Beings Predictable or Unpredictable?

Stolen from The Commentator and maybe I'll have better luck getting an answer here (if traffic counts for anything). Oh, and I could have predicted no one would respond to his post. Does that answer the question? Naturally, I'm a determinist (the only sane, rational position on the "free will" question) so in theory, of course people are predictable (I predict right now that the next time I write a pro-Confederacy post, Bret will leave a comment saying I'm pro-slavery).

We're just so ignorant that on a practical basis it's difficult to impossible to predict human behavior when it comes to very specific actions. On a broader level, it's frighteningly easy to know in advance what most dumbass humans are likely to do.


  1. Why on earth would Bret say such a thing about someone who glorifies the Slave States? Clearly the secession was not about slavery at all, but was instead just... I don't know how to finish that sentence.

  2. Sometimes I wonder. Why, just the other day I had the firm intention of eating cherries but opted for a banana at the last moment instead.


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