Friday, July 22, 2011

Coke Is It?

I went to the break room to grab a chunk of my car battery sized block of cheese (trying to eat healthy, you know) when I spotted someone from another department enjoying a Pepsi. They said they were trying a different form of caffeine as they'd had their coffee limit for the day. I then noticed that the soda machine now had Pepsi as well as the usual Coke, though the Coke came in both diet and regular (HFCS) versions, while the Pepsi was just the regular (but not, unfortunately, the wonderful Pepsi Throwback with real sugar).

My co-worker commented on the unusual juxtaposition of the rival colas in the same machine, said he was even going to take a photo of it. I did point out that Coke dominates the soft drink market, even though Pepsi, with their real sugar sodas (Sierra Mist and the Throwback versions of Pepsi and Mountain Dew) now has much better products than Coca-Cola.

Maybe Coke just has better commercials.

video via Austro-Athenian Empire

The Commentator also had to weigh in recently on Coke:

When I used to cycle two or three times a week, me and a friend would average anywhere between 60kms and 100kms per ride. Naturally, we'd work up quite the thirst. Along the way we'd stop off some "tabagie" (convenient store) and pick up something. Including popsicles and other items to pump cheap sugar and calories into us. One day we bought Coke in a bottle. We were dying of thirst. It was a Bugs Bunny "water, water" moment.

As we sat there half dazed and exhausted my buddy said, "Cold Coke in a bottle is the best. Fuck the can."And then ran in to get some water.

For that split second there is indeed nothing better tasting than Coke when your mouth is dried out.-Coke Is It

So, why is Coke "it"? Is Pepsi too sweet? Do sweet colas (like nice guys) finish last?


  1. Pepsi has always been the drink of sugar lovers.

    In the South, people divided themselves between the sweet Pepsiers and the strong Cokers.

    Diet coke then came along with its aspartame and captured quite a few of each group with its strong, crisp, mildly sweet taste (and no calories!).

  2. Did you know (at least this was the case a decade ago) Quebec is the only place in the world where Pepsi outsold Coke? Quebecers are known for their "sweet" tongues. I think Suzan makes a good point.

    Steve Earle also sold more records here than even the American south.


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