Sunday, July 17, 2011

No More Star Ratings!

Listen, you fucking little cowards, if you have a negative opinion of a post (mine, Bret's, anyone's), you're now going to have to actually leave a comment saying so (and stating a reason - hate for the sake of hate will be deleted!), and no more anonymous comments, either. Go ahead, make my day, assholes! I no longer care! This blog is not getting any comments anyway, so shove it where the Sun don't shine motherfuckers! It's a new day at Skeptical Eye, and I'm prepared to kick statist and loser ass! I don't care if you disagree, but say so! If not, fuck you and the lousy horse you rode in on!


  1. But... but... but... stars?

    I may miss anonymous comments, actually. Have you considered switching comments over to Disqus? I have been tempted to do so on my site a couple times.

  2. I hate anything that's judged.

  3. The guilty tend to feel that way.

  4. The guilty tend to feel that way.

    So do the innocent in a rigged system.

  5. I think you missed the point, Nikk.

    You can't stop other people from judging you, especially if you do contemptible things. This isn't about the justice system and jail. In the world of social norms, not law, no one has the right to go unjudged, but only you can let someone else make you feel bad about yourself.

  6. I didn't miss the point, Bret, and I wasn't talking about "jail and the justice system". We live in a society that passes judgments that are designed to enforce a ruling class, exploitative system.

    It promotes "competition" not cooperation, hierarchy not equality. That's what so much of "reality" television propagandizes for, with show after show about people in cut throat contests, with the message that that's life and how it should be.

    And people's "judgments" of others are so culturally conditioned and the product of years of brain washings (starting with the government schools) that they don't even realize those views are not really their own.

  7. Don't get me wrong, there are people who would look at you or me and criticize us for ridiculous things... but do you care what they have to say? If someone comes on here judging you for being an unpatriotic traitor, are you going to feel "judged," or are you going to feel like you just read something written by a moron?

    Maybe I'm way off base, but when I think of "feeling judged," I think of someone who has done something wrong, something that others know about, something both you and others know is wrong. I think of this hypothetical person seeing the judgmental stares of others and feeling guilty for it.

    This may just be an outcropping of my age. I grew up in a generation that has an ego on steroids. While the older generation may have had interracial couples feeling judged (or lynched) as they walked down the street, my generation boldly makes out with people of the same sex in public without any shame.

    It's not as though there aren't old people looking at them and judging them, my generation just don't give a shit about a bunch of decrepit old bigots. If you are confident that you are not wrong, it's hard to feel judged.

    Personally, I never feel judged, even as an atheist. When people are "judging" me, as some might see it, I tend to interpret it as "someone is being stupid at me, again."


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