Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oak Park, Michigan Resident Faces 93 Days In Jail For Vegetable Garden

After a warning, a ticket and now a misdemeanor charge, an Oak Park, Mich., woman faces up to 93 days in jail for refusing to remove a vegetable crop from her front lawn.
Julie Bass says that she thought it would be "really cool" for the neighbors and kids to see a frontyard garden, but some city officials don't appreciate the vegetable plot.

"It just made me angry that the city can bully you into doing something when you're not in violation of anything," she said.

According to Bass, the disagreement stems from a gray area in the city legislation which allows for decorative planting in the front yard but does not specifically address vegetable gardening. She planted the garden after a busted sewage pipe tore up her lawn.

To fight the charges, Bass has started a blog -- Oak Park Hates Veggies -- to chronicle her battle with the authorities.

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