Monday, July 4, 2011

NY Motorcyclist Dies On Ride Protesting Helmet Law

ONONDAGA, N.Y. (AP) -- Police say a motorcyclist participating in a protest ride against helmet laws in upstate New York died after he flipped over the bike's handlebars and hit his head on the pavement.

The accident happened Saturday afternoon in the town of Onondaga, in central New York near Syracuse.

State troopers tell The Post-Standard of Syracuse that 55-year-old Philip A. Contos of Parish, N.Y., was driving a 1983 Harley Davidson with a group of bikers who were protesting helmet laws by not wearing helmets.

Troopers say Contos hit his brakes and the motorcycle fishtailed. The bike spun out of control, and Contos toppled over the handlebars. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Troopers say Contos would have likely survived if he had been wearing a helmet.


  1. "Troopers say...."

    Troopers don't know shit. Contos would be dead, but with a prettier skull x-ray. The thing that kills a person with head impacts is not the lack of helmet, but the speed with which the brain moves inside the confining cranial vault, and the negative acceleration it experiences when it slams into the cranial vault at impact. Lots of force moving that brain and therefore lots of destruction resulting from an inability to bleed off (bad pun) the brain's momentum. Neural tissue death is the result of the brain's speedup then stop.

    By the way, Bret -- I've never seen someone fail more often while trying to be snarky-funny. It must be a matter of pride or something, this consistency of failure.

  2. Thanks, Karl. Hope you ride a motorcycle without a helmet real soon.

    I can't wait for next month, when you comment again... though maybe you should time it for when you aren't on your period.


  3. Two more failed attempts. People, take notice: Bret's on a hot streak! Cheer him on!

    Bonus points awarded for your Safety Nanny perspective too! Hooray for Bret!

  4. Also, could you elaborate on this "Safety Nanny perspective?" I have no idea what you're talking about.


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