Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday is Gun Day

As I struggle to construct a feature here at SE that runs as many times as a post-“Friends” Matthew Perry sitcom (for those keeping track at home, that’s 15.5, which is actually not too shabby), it occurred to me that I need at least one feature I can do every week on the same day that has the same topic.

So, I looked at my blog’s schedule, and I tried to figure out which day is the easiest. Hands down, it’s gotta be Monday, because nothing is easier than [sometimes] writing a paragraph or two and then embedding four videos of songs I like.

Next was picking a topic. Basically, I went back over all the things I wrote about on this site and I tried to narrow down the things that got people talking. Talking about the South was out, because I don’t need to piss off Nikk once a week, on a schedule, so I quickly nixed “Southern Talk.”

But then it hit me, like a bullet to the brain. I’m a sucker for horrible puns, thus was born:

Monday Gun Day

Here’s how I see this feature playing out. Every Monday, I’ll do searches in my favorite news sources for “gun.” I will then post some of the more interesting results, and invite those with comments or other stories I may have missed to contribute in the comments section.

Sound easy enough? Then let’s get started…

Out of Chicago, Obama’s former Chief of Staff and the new major of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, is set to enact an ordinance which will lift the ban on shooting ranges within Chicago city limits. Chicago residents have had to travel to outlying suburbs, where there are ranges, in order to attain the training needed to receive a firearm permit in Chicago.

Also out of Illinois, the Governor signed into law a bill that was passed 42-1 which will ban the release of information from the state’s gun owner registration to the public. This after a month ago also signing in a bill that banned doctors from asking about a patient’s gun ownership status, which is being opposed by doctors who claim their first-amendment rights are being violated.

A standoff in Shippensburg, Maryland ended peacefully when the gun being brandished by the suspect turned out to be a toy.

A 3-year-old boy in Indianapolis shot himself in the arm after finding his mom’s gun in a desk drawer. She had moved it there from a high shelf after her ex-husband came to her home Saturday, damaged property, pounded on her door, and sent her text messages. The boy is in stable condition.

Also out of Indianapolis, an 11-year-old boy will be charged with murder in the shooting death involving his six-year-old brother. The incident was originally reported to be an accident, but further investigation led to prosecutors to file charges. He will be the youngest person charged with murder in Indiana since 1921.

A shooting on Sunday in Memphis has left Officer Timothy Warren and one unidentified male adult dead. The officer was reporting to a “shots fired” call linked to a domestic dispute.

Finally, political fireworks this 4th of July over the “Fast and Furious” operations along the border involving ATF agents trafficking guns over the border to be tracked as they make their way into the hands of drug gangs. The “investigation” became big news when two of the guns involved in the program turned up at the murder scene of Arizona US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. This story raises many questions about law enforcement efforts and the ATF in general, but also highlights numerous other problems, including the violence of the drug war and the ease with which guns cross the border (going south, anyway) to be used in the massacre of over 34,000 Mexicans in the past 4 years, including over 15,000 last year alone.

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