Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marc Emery "Prince Of Pot" Contracts MRSA In US Prison! (Why NO Country Should Extradite To The US)

US Government officials have described Emery as a drug dealer for his efforts to sell marijuana seeds nationally and abroad. He is the publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, a founding member of the Freedom Party of Ontario, the Marijuana Party of Canada and the BC Marijuana Party, founder of the Iboga Therapy House and founder of Pot TV. He ran for mayor of the city of Vancouver in 1996, 2002 and 2008.
He is formerly a retailer of cannabis seeds for cultivation, having started Marc Emery Direct Marijuana Seeds in 1995, which he ran until it was closed by a raid by Vancouver police acting on the request of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on July 29, 2005.

Emery was taken into custody on September 28, 2009, and held at the North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam, BC, to await extradition to the USA. On November 18, 2009, Emery was released on bail, pending the Canadian Minister of Justice signing the extradition order; and on May 10, 2010, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson signed the order and ordered Emery to surrender to authorities, which he did that same day.

On May 10, Justice Minister Nicholson ruled Emery be extradited to the United States.-Marc Emery - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Canada, the US puppet, sent one of its own harmless citizens to the US hellhole prison system for the non-crime of selling seeds. Shame on you Canada! Your people should rise up as people all over the world are doing, and topple the evil that "represents" them!

Of course, if you're a stupid, evil little Canadian collage student bitch, maybe someone like this nasty hater of her fellow human beings (though I'm of course not accusing her of anything, and she'll deny she is a hater of anyone, I'm guessing, her support of the drug war is enough evidence of her hatred), you probably support the drug war and all the evil it entails, including sending your own fellow Canadians to rot in the US, even if they've committed no real crime.

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