Friday, November 3, 2017

Thoughts on Racism

""Racism" is one of those elusive concepts being made ever more broad and ambiguous by the Left, so for the sake of clarity I'm going to attempt to provide all the different meanings and senses of the word based on how it has been applied. I will also also provide my own assessment for each variant.


1. Believing the races are different. [Reasonable]

2. Believing a distinct and prevailing culture tends to be associated with each race. (Of course the same may be applied towards religion, geography, etc.) [Reasonable]

3. Believing certain cultures tend to yield greater material prosperity, lower crime, and scientific progress. That, by the transitive property, certain races as a whole tend to excel in these areas with respect to others. [Reasonable]

4. Believing culture has an impact on IQ, thus certain races have a higher/lower average IQ than others owing, in part, to cultural differences. [Reasonable]

5. Believing biology has *an* impact on one's propensity to adopt certain cultural norms, and has a likewise impact on IQ. Believing the biological differences between races aren't limited to mere skin color or physical body shape/structure, but that such biological differences tend to also include variations in mental capacity and testosterone levels. [Reasonable]

6. Thus, having a professional or personal preference for the company of a certain race or races of people over others, *other things being equal*. [Reasonable]

7. (Subjectively) valuing a particular race of people over all others, *other things being equal*. [Reasonable]

8. Believing *every member* of a particular races shares the same set of cultural, political, moral, or religious beliefs. [Unreasonable and absurd]

9. Preferring the company or valuing *every member* of one race, over *every member* of another [Unreasonable]

10. Believing *every member* of one race is mentally/physically superior to *every member of another* [Unreasonable and absurd]" -
Christopher Chase Rachels

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