Saturday, November 4, 2017

William Lane Craig on Daniel Dennett

His response to the Kalam cosmological argument which says that whatever begins to exist has a cause, the universe began to exist, therefore the universe has a cause, he agrees with the first premise that anything that begins to exist must have a cause that brings it into being. He agrees with the second premise that the universe began to exist and the big bang gives good evidence of that. So, he agrees with the conclusion, the universe has a cause. But, here's his answer to the argument; yes, the universe has a cause, but the universe caused itself, the universe brought itself into being. He says it's the ultimate bootstrapping trick, the universe pulled itself up by its own bootstraps, it brought itself into existence. And I pointed out to him in order for the universe to bring itself into existence, it would have to exist before it existed, otherwise, it's not self caused, it would be uncaused, it would come out of nothing.

So, his view would be that the universe had to exist before it existed, which is a self-contradiction. it's logicality incoherent, and yet this was his response to the cosmological argument.

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