Wednesday, November 29, 2017

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge

President of Coker Tires Wade Kawasaki stops by the garage to show Jay his 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge that was named after a popular character from the 60's Television show Laugh-In.

I'm posting this because I was randomly going through my blog and came across this old post: I featured an old GTO "The Judge" commercial in that post, and though I can't say I'm particular taken with that particular automobile, I do like old cars in general, and old muscle cars are really cool.

The one featured in the Jay Leno video above is a nice example of a near original. The car was in a garage for a couple of decades and only had 40-50,000 original miles. The interior is orignal, and in great condition, it just required a little cleaning. The body had no rust, so really, once the exterior and engine were restored, you have a Judge as it must have come from the factory when new.

More on Coker Tire:

Though Coker's products retain the appearance of the old tires by using the original, refurbished molds, or new molds built from original drawings, the tires are made with modern materials. Coker Tire was given manufacturing rights by the original tire brands, and also has acquired many different tire molds of the original obsolete tires they manufacture. Coker Tire also offers wheels for collector vehicles.-

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