Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ponti Whacked

Being a part of the automotive industry as I am, I feel it obligatory to post something about the demise of Pontiac, especially since one of my co-workers is an enthusiast of the brand.

My parents married in 1962, and shortly after the wedding, purchased a new car, a 1962 Pontiac.

1962 Pontiac

On their honeymoon there was an accident (well, technically, on the trip back from the honeymoon) when my dad rear-ended another car. My mom has told the story many times over the years. "Our brand new Pontiac, and he wrecked it! And I was the one who paid for it from my savings, not him! Our beautiful, new Pontiac, and he wrecked it, that's what he did!"

Pontiac has been around since 1926, but perhaps it's a blessing it's being killed off now. What with the government running things, the next generation of Pontiacs could have ended up like this:

Goodnight, Pontiac.

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  1. The Judge was a car designed by God. OK not God but if there were a God he would drive a GTO. Whoever did design the GTO Judge can call themselves God if they like. They've earned it.


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