Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here is a comment I wrote in reaction to this post by The Commentator.

Funny you should write this post. I've been thinking the same thing recently. I was even going to write a post titled "Overthrow Google". They are simply getting too powerful.

Also, if Google doesn't like you for some reason, they can manipulate where you end up in their search results. This would be tolerable if Google didn't control 70% or more of the search engine market. With "google" now nearly synonymous with "search", the problem becomes obvious, and so does Google's enormous power.

The same thing is happening with YouTube (owned by Google), and again, when people go looking for videos, it's YouTube, not some other service.

I recommend using Yahoo search and others more frequently now, just to increase the competition somewhat.

I haven't being doing a lot with my blog lately for these same reasons. When you're on Blogger, Google ultimately owns you, which is why I've been thinking of moving my blog and domain name to a self-hosted site using Wordpress as my blog platform. I don't want to ever be under any one's thumb.

I once defended Google, but I'm getting tired of them now. Power corrupts, after all.

As to when (or if) I'll move this blog, even I don't know the answer, but I suspect I will, eventually.

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