Sunday, April 5, 2009

Watch It

While visiting my parents recently something happened to my watch, or maybe something happened to me, I'm not sure, but the watch disappeared. I immediately suspected my mom (she's always the Prime Suspect in such cases, due to her inability to leave the property of others untouched) figuring it was another example of her neatness obsession, which causes her to remove things from the place you left them and put them instead in place where you'll never think to look for them, i.e, where they're out of view.

Well, unsurprisingly, she denied having anything to do with the mysterious vanishing. I searched in vain for the missing timepiece, looking high and low, but not finding it. With my infant Catholic background (I was baptized but thereafter never did anything with the religion of my birth) I should have perhaps called up St. Anthony for assistance, which would have proved useless, but might have inspired some extra searching on my part, which might have lead to the location of the watch, which could have lead me to attribute the finding to the saint (if, that is, I was still of a superstitious mind).

As it turned out, the watch (a recently purchased one) did not show up and I've been forced to repeatedly look at my cell phone to learn the time, which is inconvenient when I'm on my breaks at work. I prefer just glancing at my wrist to see when I must return to to my self-imposed slavery.

No doubt my watch will turn up after its battery has died, and of course, as is usual, I will not bother replacing the battery. It will join its sister watches in a special drawer dedicated to a special kind of watch, those that are correct only twice a day ( a specialness that they share with certain people, such as Christians, who are only right by accident).


  1. I also have that special drawer. In addition to watches, it contains remote controls for devices that I threw out, no longer use, or gave away.

  2. I don't like wearing watches (though and for practical reasons, I did in the Infantry) but I used to have one watch that I kept around for special occasions - to kind of finish off the 3 piece monkey suit look. When the battery died I brought it in to a watch repair shop to get it changed since, previously, I had destroyed the back of a watch trying to change one. They wanted almost as much as the darn watch cost me to change the battery.

    I don't have a watch now... My cell phone will suffice.

  3. I also have that special drawer.

    I think most people do. The question is, why? Everywhere I've ever lived I've had at least one such drawer, and before I was on my own, in those distant ages past, my dad always maintained one large drawer for such things. It was a childhood pastime of mine to go through that drawer when I was bored, seeking hidden treasure and sometimes finding it (well, treasure to a kid, anyway).

  4. I don't have a watch now... My cell phone will suffice.

    I understand completely. I don't really like wearing a watch, and when I'm at home I never have it on, in fact, it's the first thing I remove after getting in the door. But I still find it easier then looking at my cell phone, when I'm away from home.


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