Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama, Criminal Police State Scumbag

Obama, the liberal hero, turns out to be no better than (and in some instances, worse than) the evil George W. Bush. He now wants to overturn a 1986 Supreme Court ruling (an opinion written by the only half-way decent member of the current court, John Paul Stevens) that prevents the cops from initiating questioning of defendants unless their lawyer is present. Solicitor General Elena Kagan said that decision "serves no real purpose" and provides only "meager benefits". No real purpose or benefits to the Almighty State, that is, but plenty of benefit to ordinary people caught in the trap of the police state, kangaroo court system that is passed off as "justice" in this country.

But, of course, Obama and his minions don't serve or represent the people. Any hope that Obama was going to bring "change" can now be seen for the complete delusion it always was, and the sham of "democracy" and voting is once again exposed as a total fraud, for we clearly live in a one-party system masquerading as offering real choice, when all we ever get is more of the same.


  1. I must reluctantly agree with you on the content of this post. And While I have been aware for years now of the dangers to our freedom and individual liberty I at first held out hope that Obama just might be the miracle America needed to insure our survival. It has become painfully clear that he is just as much an agent for finance capitol and the elitist interest who have taken control of Washington DC. Secession by a majority coalition of the States is the only constitutional tool left to the people to correct this corrupt situation. TerrorPatriot.

  2. Yeah, I too had some hope that Obama might really be different and at least lead us away from the precipice that the disastrous Bush foreign wars had brought us so close to. I was wrong.

    Secession is the ultimate check on the abuse of power by the Federal government, and I'm happy to see it finally being discussed in a serious way.


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