Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Kind of Anarchist?

I took this quiz here. My results:

You Scored as Anarcho-Capitalist

Anarcho-capitalism is perhaps more closely linked with the libertarian tradition than anarchism as it favours a free market and a stateless society. Private businesses would replace the functions of the state. This form of anarchism is largely an American phenomenon and first emerged in the 1950s (although it arguably has its roots in 19th century individualist anarchism and classical liberalism). Key thinkers include Murray Rothbard.

Christian Anarchist

Now, since I am in no way a Christian or even a theist, I do wonder how I ended up as 15% "Christian Anarchist", though of course to the extent that certain Christians are against the State, I consider them allies in the cause of freedom.


  1. I was 85% anarcho-captitalist.

    Although I must profess these sort of test always raise more questions for me. Some are so vague I just click on the neutral circle.

  2. Some are so vague I just click on the neutral circle.Yeah, me too. For example, this question: "The means of production should be owned in common by the community, not just the workers."

    What does that mean exactly? I have nothing against worker-owned companies, but I'm certainly not against non-worker private ownership of production either. There is no answer I can give that reflects my own view accurately.

  3. The scary thing is that companies use these sort of tests to qualify employees.

    I used to deliberately skew the results.

    Which explains why I never won employee of the month I guess.

  4. My daughter liked to poke fun at me calling me a "raging liberal" and was somewhat surprised when I made her take the political compass and she found out she was even further left than me. She is an anarcho-socialist. Way left and way libertarian.

  5. Better a "raging liberal" than a lying, hypocritical conservative. Where were the "tea parties" during the Bush years?

    Left and Right don't mean much to me anymore, and I think alliances across the spectrum are possible.
    Indeed, in these times, they are necessary.


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