Sunday, November 12, 2017

False Assumptions

False assumption 1. The left isn't going anywhere.

In principle, it could. It could go to hell. It could go to prison. It could go back to the third world. It could go back to the kitchen. It could go back in the closet. All of these are options.

False Assumption 2: moderates will fight radicals.

Yeah. Just not seeing this. You have a few, new, moderate firebrands out there. But that's just not a message you can get people fired up about. Moderation is basically just status quo bias. That's not a terrible thing, normally. And if you have a status quo worth fighting for, maybe enough people will fight for it. But more and more are fed up with this one.

The moderates will get used to the new status quo we give them, and in time, come to defend it, as they have come to defend the status quo supplied by the left.

False Assumption 3: We have to find common ground and cooperate.

Nah. We can conflict too. And it's possible to win a conflict.

We're done cooperating with the left. They have never demonstrated consistency, honesty, good faith, reciprocity, or any other preconditions of durable, mutually-beneficial, cooperation; only malice, duplicity, treachery​, slander, parasitism, and lies.

We can cooperate through exchange WITHOUT common ground. But again, there are conditions, and the left won't meet those. They just want to get their way. And they want to get our stuff. And they don't care how or what they have to do or say to achieve that.

So no deals. No compromise. No concession. No mercy.-Eli Harmon

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