Sunday, March 9, 2014


Most people who don't don't say so in public, though. It's perfectly okay, however, to hear endless, nauseating, pro-military, "support our troops" bullshit flowing like diarrhea from mouths everywhere. It truly makes me sick. But admitting you don't support "our" (no, not "our" troops at all, really; they do the service of the ruling military-industrial, bankster, crony capitalist corporate fascist police state headquartered in Washington, D.C.) troops is like saying out loud among the foolish masses that you don't believe in God (there is a vile, evil hatred of atheists in this country, as non-believers in fairy tales are viewed by the majority as about as good and trustworthy as rapists).

So most just keep their mouths shut. We shouldn't, though. Any more than gays should keep silent. If the phony anti-war left hadn't taken a long Obama vacation, we might just occasionally hear more dissent in our everyday comings and goings. The remarks below from LRC Blog reminded me of the fucking Girl Scouts. Why? Well, as you know, it's that time of year when little girls in uniforms peddle poison in the tasty form of cookies. I refuse to buy their garbage for health reasons, but even if I had the slightest notion to go ahead and make myself sick consuming whole boxes of Samoas, Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties (I did try what seems to be a more recent variety called Cranberry Citrus Crisps, violating my anti-cookie policy in a moment of weakness. They weren't bad tasting, but I did not, however, buy them; some fool brought a box into work and shared them with the rest of the department) while vegetating in front of a television screen, I now have another good reason not to buy them. I was at an open-air mall and some Girl Scouts were operating out of one of those kiosks. They were selling five boxes of different varieties as a package for $20. There were a couple of moms and several girls in uniform. As I walked by I got their pitch. The final line from one little girl was that even if I didn't eat cookies I could buy some for the troops!

Here's what I said to Little Miss Cookie: "Fuck the troops, sister! The troops can kiss my ass! Are you looking to become a troop yourself someday and trade your current uniform for a government issued clown costume and then go overseas to some place we don't belong and blow up innocent men, women and children? Fuck that shit! You can take your boxes of cookies and shove them right up your teeny tiny asshole!"

Nah, I didn't actually say that. I kept my mouth shut and walked on by. What kind of a monster do you think I am? An atheist? She was just a kid, so I gave her a pass for parroting what she'd been told to say to increase sales. I don't give the following from Girl Scouts Heart of the South a pass, though. Fuck 'em!

The “Troop to Troops” (T2T) program provides a perfect opportunity to send cookies to our military men and women all over the world. Through a partnership with Operation Troop Aid, cookies can now be sent to our brave men and women who are putting their lives on hold to protect the freedoms dear to us all. This is a great new way to support our military troops and grow your cookie sales!

How again exactly are they protecting our freedom? And look at that propaganda. They indoctrinate the young with pro-state and military worship, so that when you finally grow up and get a job, you can hear the nonsense all day long at work from your imbecilic co-workers. But never mind the mindless, on to that LRC piece.

THE SMILING LADY cashier at our local supermarket wants to know if I would like to add to my checkout bill a few dollars “to support our troops?” I say something like (I’m paraphrasing)” “HELL NO!!!” In a mini-rant I note (with absolute air-tight logic) that I do not want to give a few dollars “to support our troops” because I DO NOT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!! And I do not support them, I explain, because they have waged, and are waging, wars that are unGodly, unConstitutional and STUPID, murdering many innocent people wasting TRILLIONS of dollars. When the cashier lady begins to say something like how I should not blame the troops because they are just going where they are told to go, I cut her off noting that we hung Nazis at Nuremberg who tried the just-following-orders bit! And now, I say, we are sticking our nose in the Ukraine mess, which is NONE of our business! The cashier lady says: “But, we won’t be able to bully the Russians.” I agree. The lady customer behind me looks stunned but her facial expression seems to say she agrees with me. But, she says nothing.-No Lady, I Don’t Support the Troops

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