Thursday, October 2, 2008

Between the Buttons

Laurence Vance said:

A new low, however, is the wearing of McCain/Palin campaign buttons to church. This is very disturbing. I never remember Christians wearing Reagan buttons, Bush Sr. buttons, or Bush Jr. buttons to church--even though many Christians voted for these men because they were Republicans. On second thought, if I had a picture of McCain on a button with a red line through his face and the words "war criminal" underneath, I might just wear it.

Back in February I posted a link to a site with anti-Insane McCain stuff, including a button with a line through the face of McMussolini. However, I like the war criminal/warmonger one better. Vance found it here.

Or there's always this one for those who don't think voting is a good idea.

Vote For Nobody Button


  1. On your anti-McCain button above: I'll say he's a war monger, but not yet a war criminal. He has to be elected into office before he can metamorphize into that role.

  2. He has to be elected into office before he can metamorphize into that role.

    Not really, as one does not have to be an elected official or hold government office to qualify. Ordinary soldiers can be tried for war crimes. As Laurence Vance states here:
    All wars are not created equal. An unjust war is criminal, and soldiers who participate in it are murderers...McCain is a war criminal because he rained down death and destruction on the people of Vietnam during twenty-three bombing missions.


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