Friday, October 31, 2008

All Hallows Eve

It's here. The ghosts and goblins will be out in force tonight, roaming your neighborhood and looking for opportunities for mischief. Witches too; in fact, they may show up at your very door! It won't be a costume that they wear, so be on the lookout, and beware.

I remember clearly that Halloween so long ago, when the American Venice was my short-time home. I had a friend named Terry and knew his sister Kelly. We went together to trick or treat, and found ourselves in a strange and unknown street. We walked and talked and knocked on doors, said all we could , then ran and fled. My bag began to horribly bulge, filled with sweets and other treats. "I haven't collected that much, I'm sure," I said. It was weird, no doubt, and Terry and Kelly discovered the same. Their candy bags too were stuffed with products of the sugar cane.

We traveled down a narrow road, trying to find a way back home, suddenly quite less than bold. That was when we saw it, all of us at the same moment. A street away, upon a roof, some ghosts were looking rather tough. They floated free of where they stood, and when we saw them in the air, we ran like scaredy cats and frightened rabbits should. At home, that night, with candy spread upon the floor, I told my mom of our trip to that odd shore. Don't be silly was all she said, there are no ghosts, it's in your head. But I know what happened and have to say, I'll believe in spooks until I'm dead.

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