Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Food: Sandwiches and Iced Tea

So I go to Trader Joe's to get a 250 calorie salad for lunch and end up with a 600 calorie, $3.99 sandwich. The label is pictured above, and as I am a fan of this holiday period, I couldn't resist it. It was basically sliced turkey on white bread (they called it ranch bread on the ingredient list) with the cranberry stuffing and what I thought was wilted lettuce but turned out to be spinach. It was actually pretty good. Not dry and flavorless like so many of those type of prepackaged sandwiches. I was just going to have half and save the rest, but when the first half was gone, well, you know what happened to the other half. Self-control in the face of turkey and stuffing is not one of my strengths, especially when they are turned into a sandwich. The Earl has nothing on me when it comes to taking the sandwich route over a regular meal. 3.99 sounds kinda high, but its cheaper than a sandwich shop, plus no sales tax!

Iced Tea and the Drawbacks of the Drive-Thru

On my way to AZ last week I stopped for gas at an Arco with an attached Jack In The Box. After pumping gas, I got back in the car and went through the drive-thru to get a large unsweetened iced tea for the long drive ahead of me. I wanted a little caffeine (I don't drink coffee) and no extra calories. Well, after ordering and pulling up to the payment window, I was handed a large drink by a young woman, and shortly after a young man took my money. That's settled, I thought, and I began to pull away from the window. Suddenly the young man stuck his head out and shouted, "Sir, do you have your iced tea?" Of course I had it, fool! Here it is in the cup holder in front of me. Yeah, yeah, I've got it, I nodded my head, and drove off, the car behind me in the drive-thru pulling up to fill the empty space I'd left.

Out on the highway, as darkness flew past me, my only companion a far away, static distorted radio station I was pulling in from the skip signal, I took my first sip of t...SODA! WTF! This was the last straw (literally, as I'd just thrown the straw they'd given me to the floor). I was upset. I'd just paid almost 2 dollars for a soda I hadn't wanted, plus I was out my iced tea comfort beverage that would have gotten me through the many miles still to go. I searched for my cell phone, found it, but had trouble seeing in the dark. I frantically tried to find my receipt (I knew it would have the local Jack In The Box phone number on it) and finally located it, drifting into the other lane slightly as I did so. THEY'RE GONNA GET A PIECE OF MY MIND, THAT'S FOR SURE! MESS UP MY ORDER, WILL YA, INCOMPETENT NINCOMPOOPS! I was fast approaching a big rig, but I no longer cared about safety, we were talking about my iced tea here. I fumbled with my cell phone, and looking for cops but seeing none, I dialed the number on the receipt.

The young woman who answered was very nice and extremely apologetic. Her name was Karen and she offered me a free meal my next time in the area. I drove on into the night, still wishing I had my iced tea now instead of a future hamburger, fries and drink, and wondering about my haste in driving off, ignoring the young man's question, so certain I had iced tea in my cup.

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