Sunday, October 26, 2008

Notes and Words of Thanks

Thanks to all who have stopped by recently, and especially to those that have left comments. Thanks to Björn Eskil for mentioning our mention of his blog here. Look for more Blogs of the Moment on a regular basis. Thanks to The Commentator for visiting and commenting here on our post on Obama's birth certificate. Bill Gnade posted this, giving his readers a more complete view of the supposed birth certificate controversy. Bill is a fine writer, and his blog is always worth a look, even if he sometimes seems to try too hard. The Barefoot Bum has been by recently as well.

Watch for more Catty soon. She draws the strip herself, which I think is pretty good for someone without hands. Catty will now be called Catty's Corner and will appear on Fridays (if she is up to it and isn't off spending her time drumming up more sympathetic households to feed her).

Sunday Food will appear naturally on Sundays, but just keep in mind that as long as I mention something even remotely related to eating, it will qualify as an entry.

Also Good God! will be coming soon, so watch for Him (it?).

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