Friday, October 24, 2008

Right Wing Anti -True Consevative Epic Fail

You are going to lose this one, you know it, you can feel it. The Red-State fascist agenda of an ever bigger, more intrusive Federal government is going down to defeat on November 4th. The war in Iraq will not end, at least not for awhile, but maybe we will have a better chance of bringing the troops home before another 100 years have gone by. Maybe some of our civil liberties will be restored, and maybe a few of the Bush administration criminals will be prosecuted (though don't count on it). We will face horrendous financial and other difficulties and maybe the Democrats will truly screw things up beyond your best expectations. Wait it out and you will be back in power, possibly in only four years. You will scream and shout (as you and your crazy talk radio show hosts did throughout eight years of Clinton/Gore) but I would suggest you put some of that energy to better use. Look within to what went wrong, return to real small-government principles, and maybe you will deserve to win another national election. Maybe.

Currently you are focused on irrelevancies, such as Obama's birth certificate. Give it up. Your fevered fantasies will go nowhere. Come up with real arguments and then fight like there is no tomorrow. Do that and I will almost certainly join you.

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