Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pure Socialism

I was watching John McCain's stump speech this morning and was struck by the pure hypocrisy of it. Yeah, Obama is a socialist because of his exchange with Joe the "Plumber", but then McCain repeats his pledge to buy up all the nation's bad mortgages because if the house next door to you is foreclosed on it will drive the price of your house down. But wait a minute, wasn't inflated housing prices "the housing bubble" a major contributor to this current economic crisis? Now John McCain wants to keep housing prices from going down more and wants to prop up the market through government intervention. He also said he wants people to keep their homes (at taxpayer expense) but what about renters who chose not to get into the housing market at the height of bubble mania? Their taxes will now subsidize foolish people who made bad decisions. I call that pure socialism! McCain also accused Obama of wanting to spend another trillion dollars, without mentioning, of course, his 100 years in Iraq policy, meaning McCain doesn't want to leave that country until we have achieved "victory" and of course we never will, as he has never explained what "victory" is. How much will continuing our occupation there cost the taxpayers, at least another trillion or two?

Recession-Plagued Nation Demands New Bubble To Invest In
Via The Barefoot Bum

Please Help Joe the Plumber

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