Monday, January 9, 2012

Question of the Day: Does Hollywood Hate Gay Sex?

An article in The Daily Beast asks the question.

If you’ve seen any of the high-profile gay-themed movies from 2011—from Beginners to J. Edgar—you may have noticed they have one thing in common: the gay sex takes place in the dark (or not at all).

The Daily Beast piece goes on to claim that "As Hollywood portrays it, the homosexual man is, astonishingly, sexless." One example they use is the film Shame, and a gay scene where "a guy unzips Brandon’s pants … and the camera cuts away. The screen fades to black." Now, how the hell is that "sexless"? Because we don't actually see more? More what, by the way? Sure, heterosexual scenes show more, but never actual sex in a mainstream movie. Besides, I've never seen the point to explicit sex scenes outside of pornography. Does the modern moviegoer not comprehend the meaning of fade to black? Can't audiences simply use their imagination? Were the great stars of Hayes Code era motion pictures all "sexless" in the minds of millions of fans? How absurd. As horror films were actually destroyed by the use of graphic, explicit gore, so love and sex in film have been rendered (ironically) empty of passion with nothing more on screen but acts that the viewer fails to find in their own love life; that do little to move the story on screen forward, but do either embarrass or merely titillate foolish straight men, who of course, DON'T want to see anything similar between two men.

And there's your answer. It ain't Hollywood, it's the common man (literally) who simply isn't into gay sex.

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