Thursday, January 19, 2012

Death by Headphone

I don't know why this is suddenly an issue. People walking around with headphones blaring crap into their ears has been going on since pre-digital times (remember the original Sony Walkman audio cassette players?) and I never understood the need (isn't walking or running a joy in itself, with plenty to see along the way; isn't there happiness in just being alone with the sounds surrounding you and your own thoughts?).

I like listening to something while driving my car, but that's a different kind of experience to me. Unlike riding in an automobile, walking puts you directly in touch with your surroundings and forces you to interact with the environment you find yourself in.

But, if you are distracted, it can be dangerous. Even drunk driving is safer (and recommended by experts in certain circumstances) than drunk walking. You have a greater chance of dying by walking home drunk than you do getting in your car and driving a few blocks. Especially if you're walking drunk with headphones on.

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