Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Live Blogging the 2012 State of the Union

Tonight, I’m joined in commenting on the State of the Union by a Doctor of Sociology and Demography who studied at an Ivy League university (the party one). She specializes in Economic Sociology and Demography, and is a published author on the topics of work, family and gender. Please welcome, my wife, Dr. AE.

As always, please feel free to leave comments. The Applause Break Counter will begin once the speech has started, and I won’t be counting the final applause break after the speech is over.

We haven’t picked a network to watch the speech, but I’ll be sure to let you know what we settle on. It will depend upon who has the best info graphics. If we flip through and see a reaction meter of some kind, we’ll probably settle on that channel. Otherwise, I imagine we’ll settle on MSNBC, CNN or Current TV. My wife is pushing for Current, but we don’t have Current in HD, so I’m hoping MSNBC or CNN pull through with good coverage. The First Lady has entered the chamber, and we’re awaiting the intro of the President.

The human props are walking onto the floor, now. There’s a lot of focus on Gabby Giffords, who will be attending her last address, but I imagine the president won’t be mentioning her much. She’s been in the news lately, however, so all cameras seem to be on her.

The president has just been introduced. It will clearly take him some time, since he has to shake hands (and apparently kiss) people all the way to the podium. This might take 10 minutes, so a good chance to use the restroom.


He’s close, he’s shaking hands with the Supreme Court…

Obama is embracing Giffords, and I’m hearing that Mitch Daniels (Governor of Indiana) will give the Republican rebuttal.

We’ll be watching on CNN.

Standing ovation for dead Bin Laden.

If only we were all like the military! (Applause)

An economy not reliant on unstable parts of the world? Sorry, Alabama...

Why are these people standing up to applaud the American dream they’re ruining?

3 million jobs for 8 millions lost... so close.

“The state of the union is getting stronger.”

True, GM is the #1 producer of automobiles, having passed Toyota this month.

Addressing taxes, outsourcing and jobs... took you only three years.

Minimum corporate tax? My wife agrees that is good fiscal policy.

Asians buying American cars? Don’t bet on it...

They’re going after piracy in other countries?

Job training is a serious problem in this country, especially since we rely on private means of funding people’s tuition.

“It’s time to turn our unemployment system into a re-employment system.”

Obama is suggesting a system of rewarding good teachers, rather than punishing bad ones. My wife is tired of being bashed and not paid enough, that’s for sure.

My wife said it’s a travesty that people can just leave school before 18 as it is, that it’s sad that it isn’t already a law.

My wife is angry about trying to encourage online education, which is garbage that isn’t even worth it’s miniscule cost.

It’s the recession that is causing less immigration, not Obama’s policies. No one wants to come here anymore.

My wife likes the idea of equal pay for equal work... but they’re just words, words, words...

“Don’t let other countries militarize their police quicker than us.” - Wife

Drill baby, drill? I guess he forgot about that oil spill.

Natural gas? Yay, earthquakes and flammable water for all!

We can blame the government for private fracking, hurray!

“He said, ‘Yuxery Lots.’“ - Wife

“Flight climate change?” - Wife

Using public land to generate clean energy... a decent idea. Certainly could be profitable.

I predict the “refinancing” will result in more mortgage terms being changed. That’s always what happens when those with the money change the contract.

We do need better financial, environmental and medical regulations.

Never bailing out the banks again? Ha, I hope so, but don’t bet on it.

I just realized, if I was mentioned on the floor for some reason, I would rather be booed by Republicans than cheered by Democrats.

Paying their fair share of taxes? Democrats stand, Republicans sit... figures.

“Nothing will get done in Washington this year...” Truth.

People are BOOING the idea of ending insider trading among politicians. No surprise.

Boehner just rolled his eyes about Obama quoting Lincoln on limited government. “I wish there was a way to shoot people on TV, like a video game.” - Wife

“No options off the table to achieve that goal [Iran’s nuclear program].”

Reaffirming relationship with Israel (need that campaign money...).

“He must be wrapping up; he’s talking about soldiers again.” - Wife

My wife is sure she just saw someone with half a mustache. I thought it was just blonder on one side, or maybe light hitting it funny.

My wife thought it was a strong finish, by reminding us he killed Osama (she’s a Democrat...), and using the event to bring us to a metaphor about working together. She admits to losing interest a little during it, but still a strong ending.

Final Applause Break Count: 74


  1. Bin Laden? Yeah like commie muslim obama had any thing to do with it!

  2. As a home schooler mom I say teachers are part of the problem. We don't need public schools to dumb down our kids.

    1. If you have a problem with the quality of teachers, then you should be in support of promoting better quality teachers.

      Are you actually home-schooling for religious reasons?

  3. You say: My wife is angry about trying to encourage online education, which is garbage that isn't even worth it's miniscule cost.

    But that's the future of edu. as brick and mortar becomes more and more expensive. It is a digital future and online for education. I know more than a few people who got degrees that way and they did very well and are smart as whips.

    1. If you don't have hands-on education (like going into a lab), you're just paying extra money to read books.

  4. Bret live blogging Obama is like Stevie Wonder live blogging a silent movie.

    1. Always nice to see you're still alive and kicking.

  5. I dont think u understand how online education works.

    1. I don't think you know how little an employer thinks of online education.

    2. What employers? If any think that they're pretty stupid. There are so many worthless degrees from traditional colleges that produce dumbfucks that can't tie their shoes, it isn't even funny. Spare me the snide remarks about alternatives to the education establishment.

    3. Plenty of liberal arts degrees are not recognized as useful, too.


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