Monday, January 23, 2012

The War on the Internet

Fellow tax paying units, the war has begun.  Already, Federal authorities have raided the home of a German national who ran a file sharing website.  Sure he was eccentric, and probably arrogant, but at the end of the day he was providing a service to meet a consumer need.

United States authorities have shutdown Megaupload and claimed that said website has cost copyright holders at least $500 million.  If you knew anything about economics, then you would know that this statement is utterly ridiculous and that this man’s arrest (known as Kim Dotcom) was nothing more than a power play in order to control the Internet.

The power elites do not like competition.  Make no mistake: I doubt that President Obama had anything to do with this other than relay orders from his handlers.  The power elites, whoever they may be, are not happy that their gravy trains are losing money and that people are able to share entertainment.  The arts have a long history in modern times of influencing people and thus controlling people.  If you control the people behind the entertainment of the dumb masses, then you can effectively control the dumb masses.

I know that this is getting a little more crackpot than usual, but consider this: there was no crime in having a file sharing website.  There are plenty of them out there and it amazes me that Megaupload go singled out by the Attorney General.  By the way, did you know that we sent FBI agents to New Zealand to arrest this man?  That has to violate some article of the constitution somewhere.  At the very least, it demonstrates how the United States Government is not the world’s police, but the world’s bully.

As the economy gets worse and worse, I fully expect more actions such as these to go on.  When you start to lose everything you’ve gained, you become more and more desperate.  For many of the common man, it is merely a glitch in the system, where you might find an occasional breakdown resulting in violence.  But when it starts happening to the world power brokers, they start to get more and more tyrannical.

Despite this, people do not appreciate being treated as slaves (or tax paying units), especially when they had a better life when they were not slaves.  They will not respond well to what is going on, as witnessed by what Anonymous did to DOJ,, and

For all you conservatives out there who think that this isn’t a big deal, you need to understand that like TARP, this is corporatism on display.  In a truly free market, none of this would have happened as copyright would not exist and the government would not bend to the will of a corporate cabal.

The Internet is a powerful tool that has reduced all men and women down to their individual identities rather than grouping all of us together like what has been done in the past centuries.  National allegiance, race, gender, creed, and many other things are almost non-existence on the Internet as people identify themselves by name, not by group.

The old dinosaurs who sit in the hollowed halls of power do not like that they cannot pit us against each other as well anymore.  With Generation X and the younger ones rapidly figuring out many of their scams, we will see a new world bore out of the one.  They will get their New World Order, but not the one they hoped to create.

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