Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hannity and the Scary Clowns

Watched a few minutes of Sean Hannity's Fox "News" interviews of the Iowa Republican candidates last night. Caught some comments of two of the scariest loser clowns, Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. Santorum should be in a sanatorium for proposing thoughtlessly an unprovoked attack against Iran. This pro-death asswipe is supposed to be a Catholic? Sick! He was asked what he thought about Ron Paul calling him a liberal. His response (and I paraphrase) was that Ron Paul was from the "Dennis Kucinich foreign policy left-wing" of the Democratic Party, so how can Ron Paul call him a liberal? Well, maybe we should just quote Ron Paul to find out what he meant:

"He voted to double the size of the Department of Education. He voted to expand Medicare and add free drugs for senior citizens and he has voted for foreign aid. Those are not conservative principles. Seventy-seven percent of the American people are opposed to foreign aid and Rick Santorum has voted for it every time it's come down."-Ron Paul: Santorum is 'very liberal'

Sean Hannity the neocon fool just continued on after that without pursuing what exactly Ron Paul was talking about. As a militarist scumbag, Hannity really only considers someone "conservative" if they support a massive and bloated military budget and aggression all over the world. He seems not to care about much else, and doesn't seem to mind a candidate who is otherwise a big spender of your tax dollars. The irony is, even on defense and war and foreign policy, Ron Paul IS MORE conservative than anyone else running. You have to go back to before the conservative movement was taken over by neocon loons, but still...

And speaking of loons, Bachmann said Ron Paul would do nothing about Iran until Iran launched a nuclear weapon at the U.S. In other words, until Iran decided to commit suicide, for why else would they launch one warhead at America, the strongest military power on earth with a nuclear arsenal large enough to destroy Iran completely? Again, however, Hannity didn’t challenge this nonsense at all.

But Ron Paul, of course, is the one with loony, “fringe” ideas.

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