Thursday, August 11, 2011

UK Riots Spark Rise in Political Correctness

OK, the stuff that is going on in London is getting out of hand:

Average Joe meets PC Police

While the audio is  a little bad, considering the poor recording, the gist of this clip is that a shop owner had his property destroyed by a bunch of incredibly opaque rioters.  When describing them as such, the “enlightened” reporter tried to get him to not say that, but the man was merely stating a fact.

Be glad that despite all the stupidity which goes on in the press these days in the US, they still have freedom of press as outlined by the first amendment.  At least until the government, in all its levels and branches,  decides to ignore that amendment.

In the United Kingdom, however, there is no such thing as freedom of press.   I know this comes as a shock to some people, but they are heavily subsidized by the government there and have their own Second Set of Books with which to operate from.  In essence, the BBC is nothing more than a bureaucratic agency.

I once pointed out to a British citizen that his country did not have a free press and that they are nothing more than a propaganda wing of the English government.  He scoffed at such an idea, yet the proof is in the video I have posted here.  Notice the hint of fear the reporter had when the man mentioned the race of the looters.   It was like there was gun pointed to her head.

While conservative pundits here in the United States like to state that news outlets like AP and MSNBC are state-controlled media, this is not entirely true.  They are still private companies, they merely choose to tow the Obama administration’s line, although that is probably coming to an end given the current economic conditions.  In the UK, however, this is not the case.

I remember a missionary who spoke at my church once who had been in England on mission work.  She talked about how she was given the opportunity to appear on BBC Radio and how she was able to speak about her faith, even though the newscasters were not even allowed to utter any theology-laced comment.  Essentially, even when they interview someone they are not free to discuss things that would be upsetting to the precious egos of the managers of the BBC government agency.

It is this attitude that has helped foster the culture of violence among the extremely opaque and downtrodden residents of London.  They held that being a minority was something akin to being divine, provided them with generous mooching benefits, refused to even mention race as a means of mitigating racial tensions, and are shocked when they lashed out at the rich white producers of the neighborhood.  Notice how many of the places attacked were not government offices and buildings.  They did not target the hand that feeds them because they believe the finely crafted lie that money from the government is free and not taken on the backs of the producers.

What we have in London is a bunch of moochers who are unemployable not because of their race but because of their lethargy and poor lifestyle decisions who have decided to become like their benefactors, the looters.  The difference, though, is that these looters are more direct and destructive than the more sophisticated looters who rob from the producers to give to the moochers, all in the interest of fairness and equality, of course.

And even after the spirit of the Vandals has been conjured up in London, their worthless mouthpieces continue to insist on using the terminology which contributed to the riots in the first place.  The keepers of the Second Set of Books must be gotten rid of in order for nonsense like this to be stopped.

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  1. We don't have a free press here.

    See Buckley v Valeo

    and see Citizens United v FEC.


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