Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Abolish Drunk Driving Laws

Police roadblocks are an effective means of trolling for fineable offenses and combating that pesky Constitutional obstacle, probable cause. Like anti-terrorism laws and the TSA, drunk driving laws provide law enforcement with a mandate to arbitrarily violate individual liberty.

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  1. What are you questioning Bret? When the "drunk driving" laws made you a "criminal" when you had a blood alcohol level of .10, did that mean it was then legal (before 2005, when all states finally passed legal limits of .08) to drive "drunk" if, say your blood alcohol level was "only" .09?

    Surely you're the one who is isn't being serious. The "law" should not be about what substance is in your blood, but about the nature of your driving (dangerous, reckless,) which may cause a serious accident regardless of whether or not you have reached a completely arbitrary blood alcohol level.


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