Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Morning Comic

I wish I had better skills (any at all would be nice) when it comes to drawing. I really want to draw comics, but that isn't my expertise (this blog is about all I have to show for my entire life). I'm always getting fantastic ideas that would best be expressed in comic form, but alas (yes, ALAS) I don't have the ability to execute those ideas (well, I could try to draw them, but that really would be executing them). Why was I given such a desire without the talent to exercise it? Is this another proof that there is no God? Or is God just a mean, cruel monster? I know you can learn to draw, maybe, but you have to admit some have more natural ability in some areas than others.

Anyway, on to someone with more talent than me.

For more of the work of the artist represented by the comics above, check out Drawing A Blank

h/t Pleated-Jeans

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  1. You know I do comics, why don't you just send me ideas and I'll create a character for you to act out whatever you want. If you can describe it, I can probably stick-figure it.


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