Sunday, August 7, 2011

News That’s Out of this World

The news sucks right now. You all need me to tell you how bad things are like a blind person needs a Braille warning on a hot surface. Still, there are those who manage to stop kicking each other in the balls just long enough to get something interesting done.

One of my favorite old shows was Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series. It changed my perspective on things, and it is credited with inspiring an entire generation to care about space after the moon missions were a thing of the past. Now that the shuttle program is over, it seems that the American psyche is ripe for another go.

And why not? In a country where more people believe in angels than evolution, and every bit of information we consume appears to come from television, I am glad to hear that a new Cosmos series is being produced. And with talent like Seth MacFarlane and Neil diGrasse Tyson, I can only hope that a new generation of couch-jockeys acquire a thirst for real knowledge.

I just hope people can bring themselves to care about real stars like Alpha Centauri, as opposed to “stars” like Kim Kardashian.

Here’s the first episode of “Cosmos,” hosted by Carl Sagan:

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And, for those unfamiliar with Neil diGrasse Tyson, here’s a few choice clips, to give you a sort of taste for the man who will be filling Carl Sagan’s shoes:

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  1. Oooo... reactions. Glad you didn't do what I did and try to use some sort of bad pun system (good/bad/ugly still sounds hilarious in my head).


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