Monday, August 29, 2011

Questions for the Republican Candidates

Since there are many pompous jerks out there who believe that they have the right questions to ask all Republican presidential contenders, this pompous jerk has a few of his own:

  1. Given that the combined total expenses of the military, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid match the total amount of tax revenue, do you think those spending initiatives should be off the table when reforming Federal spending?  Explain why or why not.
  2. Since 2008, the Federal government has engaged in several stimulus initiatives designed to create economic growth.  Do believe that these initiatives have helped, hurt, or done nothing to nurture economic growth?
  3. The Department of Defense has lost over 1 trillion in tax dollars over the past decade.  What do you plan on doing to reform this agency so that taxpayers’ money is not wasted?
  4. In general, what is your plan for dealing with departments and agencies who have lost money or have money that is unaccounted for?
  5. Have you taken any college courses on economics?
  6. Have you read any books on economics independent of your scholastic activities?
  7. Describe the role of the Federal Reserve in our current monetary system.
  8. Of all the Founding Fathers, who do you most identity with and why?
  9. If elected, how you would go about creating a balanced budget within your term in office?
  10. What is the objective of the Iraq War?
  11. What is the objective of the Afghanistan War?
  12. What is the objective of the Libya War?
  13. In general, what is the objective of the War on Terror?
  14. Considering that the War on Drugs has, by and large, not made many changes in the overall drug use of our youth, are there any changes you wish to make to this program?  Describe these changes.
  15. How is the Gross Domestic Product calculated?
  16. Are you a person of faith and how has that faith, or lack thereof, shaped your political beliefs?
  17. If a heterosexual couple gets married in a standard church ceremony but does not apply for a state-issued marriage license, are they living in sin as defined by the Bible?
  18. Should departments who have failed in their stated objectives be publically audited?
  19. Do states have a right to nullify Federal laws which are unconstitutional?  Do they need validation from the court system?
  20. Do states have a right to secede from the United States?
  21. Are there any amendments in the United States Constitution which you would like to see repealed?
  22. Should our tax code be reformed?  If you think it should, how would you reform it?  If you think it is fine the way it is, state your reasons for believing so.
  23. The United States currently ranks lower than expected when it comes to education.  What kind of reforms would you make to the system in order to raise the education standards here in America?
  24. When is the President allowed to authorize the use of military force?
  25. Before becoming a politician, what was your primary profession?
  26. What is your view of personal financial debt?
  27. Historically, massive immigration has often lead to massive shifts in culture and beliefs.  Given this historically verifiable fact, what is your stance on immigration and what do you plan on doing about it while it office?
  28. Are you pro-life or pro-choice when it comes to abortion?  If you are pro-life, what actions would you take with regard to our current abortion policies?
  29. How would you interpret the Tenth Amendment into public policy at a national level?
  30. If a Federal court issues a ruling that is unconstitutional, does the executive branch have an obligation to implement it anyway?  Likewise, if Congress passes an unconstitutional law, does the executive branch have the obligation to implement it?

That is all the questions I can think of for now.  Perhaps there will be more later.


  1. Why did you not include the following important questions?

    1.) What is your personal view concerning the age of the Earth?

    2.) What is your stance concerning anthropogenic global warming?

    3.) Do you believe in Darwin's theory of evolution, thus in universal common ancestry and in common descent with modification due to natural/sexual selection?

    4.) Should Intelligent Design be taught in public schools as alternative scientific theory??

    5.) Do you think that non-Christian people will suffer an eternal torment in hell as ultimate fate, even if they are decent and good people? If yes, do you consider this to be a just fate for their belief and life?

    6.) Do you believe in the second coming of Christ and an end of human history in the forseeable future? If yes, why would you bother as a politician to save this world or make it better?

  2. Bechly, you moron! What do any of those have to do with being President? Of what relevance are they? Those things are what you consider of importance when the economy is going to hell? And how does anyone's view of eternal torment in hell affect me negatively? I couldn't care less what they believe on that as long as they want to get the tyrannical Feds off our backs and out of our lives as much as possible.

    And on the anthropogenic "Global Warming" lie, I hope they believe it's the crock of shit it is.


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