Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Story Behind the Ron Paul Newsletters


  1. Even what Ben has concluded was "racist" isn't necessarily so.

    If I watched the post-Rodney King riots in LA and said they were emblems of Black Rage, I would not necessarily be disparaging Black folks. I wouldn't necessarily be "racist" for talking about those emblematic riots.

    The "disappearing white majority" phrase is the one that stands out for me, and smells a lot like it's appealing to anti-Mexican sentiments in TX. It also contains a weird assumption that white people deserve "majority" status, which is weird because the natives of this nation's lands were not white!

    But like I said at my blog, if my aim were to prove Ron Paul a racist, I'd try to find a person who suffered a racist comment from Ron Paul himself, or suffered from a racist act by Ron Paul himself -- and not do it by using guilt-by-association, or raw character assassination.

  2. If that guy at the New Republic was using deception, he ain't calling back. It doesn't help the NR is liberal I reckon.

    As the report shows, Ron Paul did take responsibility as he should but clearly there's a hack job somewhere.


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