Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scientists Weaponize Bird Flu - Governments Remain Biggest Sponsors of Bioterror

What the entire anthrax attack and its subsequent cover-up exposed was the vast, murky underworld of government sponsored biowarfare research that had been taking place covertly, and illegally, since the signing of a 1972 treaty forbidding the development of bioweapons. The program was exposed on September 4, 2001, just one week before 9/11, in the New York Times, in an article noting how the Pentagon had used the bioweapon ban treaty’s exception for defense research to proceed with increasingly dangerous experiments, including the creation of genetically engineered, extremely potent anthrax spores. The article, entitled “U.S. Germ Warfare Research Pushes Treaty Limits,” also noted how numerous Clinton and Bush administration insiders worried that the experimentation was in fact a full-fledged biowarfare program of the kind specifically forbidden by the treaty.

Now the government is professing fear of what terrorists would do with the details of a potential bioweapon like weaponized bird flu. However, in the wake of H1N1 hysteria of 2009, a public health scare that the Council of Europe concluded was due at least in part to the professional links of their advisors to the very vaccine manufacturers who profited from the scare, the pieces were put into place to ensure that the next pandemic, whether the result of bioterrorism or random natural mutation, ensures that the government has even more power to enact what amounts to medical martial law.-Mass Panic Over Bird Flu Experiments

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