Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ron Paul Can Beat Romney and Obama


  1. Some have stated that Ron Paul’s views are “…well out of the Republican mainstream….” and give it a derogatory bent. Actually, his views are well out of the Republican AND Democrat mainstream. And that is a very good and refreshing thing.

    No one in the political establishment on either side wants Dr. Paul to ascend to the presidency. They know for certain that if he was elected it would not be business as usual. They know that he alone among the candidates is the only one that will rigidly adhere to Constitutional government; that he will not be influenced by money, but by Constitutional principle.

    He has been attacked mainly because of his stance on foreign policy. As I understand Ron Paul’s position, he deeply believes the United States should not go to war unless: 1) it is truly necessary and in the best interest of the United States & 2) it is entered into in a Constitutional manner. For this he is berated. I completely agree with Ron Paul.

    Just a few thoughts:

    • Do those who promote unnecessary wars really consider that people die in them? Do they not watch the evening news when the lists of young dead servicemen scroll across the television screen? So far, 6,331 American servicemen have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr. Paul’s foreign policy has been attacked by his critics as “dangerous.” What a bunch of simple minded individuals his critics are. How can they criticize Dr. Paul’s position on not fighting unnecessary wars as “dangerous” as opposed to the thousands of American service men and foreign civilians killed during the Bush and Obama administrations? Those self-righteous people who condemn Ron Paul’s views on war do not seem to mind the killing and maiming of young United States soldiers. They do not really treasure human life, though they try very hard to persuade the electorate they do.
    • If you kill (bombing, etc.) a person’s family members, this person will intensely hate the country doing the killing for the rest of his/her life. Many innocent people are killed in needless wars. This breeds terrorists who may one day bring such terror to the United States. This is a no brainer. It is estimated that 132,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    • China is not spending money fighting wars. China is spending money on infrastructure and making loans to the United States. Meanwhile, our government is squandering money fighting in three countries.
    • The senselessness of war stands out when we see veterans of past wars on both sides meeting and shaking hands (U.S./Japanese, etc.). The men are now friends, but the dead are still dead. It is governments that cannot get along – it is not the people.
    • Those politicians who promote wars should be in the vanguard of the first attack. If going to war is so important, they and their families should be intimately involved in the actual fighting.

    Presently, the government does not adequately protect our borders; instead it chooses to make a police state out of our country. It does this in the name of keeping us safe from terrorism (because there maybe terrorists in our country). Instead of attacking our personal liberties, the United States government should protect our borders and keep terrorists out of the United States. If this was competently done it would not be necessary to restrict the liberties of United States citizens inside the United States.

    Electing anyone but Ron Paul is just asking for more of what we have had for years – it is time to renew Constitutional Government & the American Spirit – it is time to elect Ron Paul.

  2. ^Sir/Ma'am, you are 150% correct and I thank you for this post. We need to take back our country and WAKE UP AMERICA


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